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Books are such a fun gift to give and receive!  It amazes me how children are drawn to certain books at such a young age.  Maddux’s first favorite was an Usborne book called “All Better,” and it’s absolutely adorable! There are five hard plastic bandages that stick on the pages and are reusable.  I have so many videos of Maddux flipping through this book and putting the bandages on the animals ouchies. He still loves it to this day!

We have two children’s Bibles, and I love them both. We received The Jesus Storybook Bible as a gift, and it's so special to us.  This is an award-winning Bible that is beautifully written and illustrated.  It invites children to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation, and at the center of their story too.  We received this right after Maddux was born, and we started reading it to him right away.  I'll always remember rocking him as an infant, with his magical newborn scent, and reading this- tearing up every night at what an incredible gift he is to us!   We will definitely continue to read this in the years to come.

We are currently reading in The Rhyme Bible.  I have this on his nightstand, and we read in it almost every night.  If you forget, he will remind you!  Maddux seems to love the soothing sound of rhyme and this one has become a well-worn favorite.  It’s filled with vivid, joyful illustrations and each story teaches important Bible truths while giving children a reading time that’s fun!  

The final is a unique and personalized book based on the letters of a child’s name.  We received this as a gift, as well, and it’s so sweet.  It’s the tale of a little boy who’s lost his name, and sets off on an adventure to find it!  You can personalize it to any name, and I think it makes for the perfect gift.

I’d love to hear some of your favorites!   


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