Fabulous Styles for the Husker {FAN}atic

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Brynn Young | 0 comments

Whether you jump and cheer along with the boys or just want something cute to wear on game day, we’ve designed some fabulous Husker and Nebraska gear for you. You’ll look fabulous in these trendy tops, but you’ll feel fabulous, too. No one wants to sit watching a game for hours in something that isn’t comfortable. Curl up on the couch next to your man and besties or head to the stadium in these loose fitting and stylish tops. These tops are perfect for layering. Start out the season by wearing a breezy top all on its own, and finish it off by pairing your favorite husker attire with a cozy flannel. Sure, it’s all ‘bout the red, but this season, it’s all ‘bout the flannel, too. 

Grab any of our Nebraska tops while they’re in stock and shop here.


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