Let’s Be Friends: Get 3 Sneak Peeks into My Life

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Let's Meet

Hi there!  I’m Brynn Young.  I was born and raised in central Nebraska.  A glow golf tournament led me to my handsome husband Dreu, and he is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me!  He is definitely my better half, and he's just as handsome on the inside as he is on the outside.  

I'm a Fur-Mama

We have a yellow lab named Wylie, otherwise known as Wy Wy - he's way too spoiled.  My friends and family are shocked when they see my love for that fur baby.  I was attacked by a pit bull in elementary school - no lie - so you can imagine their surprise.  After that attack, I was never really afraid of dogs, but I didn't exactly have a love for animals.  I have taken a complete 180 since that episode in second grade, and love our Wy Wy more than anything!  I now understand the madness behind those crazy dog parents, because I'm definitely one of them.  I swear he's human!

Did you say Starbucks and Lipstick?

I have an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks birthday cake pops, and enjoy a Starbucks Refresher nearly every morning!  So, basically I have a penchant for Starbucks.  I almost always wear lipstick and love all things neutral. 

{Here's a little preview of my world}



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